How we help you get through the COVID crisis

Watching the news during the first worldwide surge of COVID cases in February 2020 - it was bad - I knew I had to do something.

Unfortunately I'm not a medical guy. I'm an IT guy.

I have been working remote completely since 2017. My clients are happy and I am happy. Long story short, this new way of working has drastically improved my life.

I am also convinced doing remote work is the world's best defence during an economic crisis, lockdowns or pandemics.

That's why I decided to build AvailableRemote. A platform to help people find remote work.

With the COVID outbreak the world economy and the way we work together has changed irreversibly. Work life has changed.

Organisations worldwide have cut their office space in half while announcing a permanent shift to working remote-by-default. The same organisations are now hiring remote working professionals both for permanent and short-term positions.

Pinterest even went as far as paying 89.5 million dollars just to cancel a lease on new San Francisco offices.

It's not only the tech companies though. The same movement is clearly going on in all major industries. This is a trend that will last.

So here's how AvailableRemote will help get you through the COVID crisis and make the change:

  • AvailableRemote helps you showcase your profile and availability for remote work. I strongly believe that - especially in these trying times - people in search of an honest income should have free access to these services. Therefore sharing your availability for remote work and getting relevant job posts right in your mailbox will be free, forever. It's a promise.

  • Submitting a job is free during this crisis - which I expect to last at least until July 2021. Note that this is a limited time offer. I am doing this to help as much as people as possible when these services are needed the most.

So join the remote workforce now.

How? The first step is to tell people you're available ("AvailableRemote", get it? ;) ). It's that simple.

You can create your free public profile here.

Stay safe and enjoy your remote work,

Sander van Hooft

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